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01. downloadable e-book in pdf format

02. 50+ pages of in-depth content covering a variety of topics such as:

 - my pre-wedding checklist
 - extensive gear list (film and digital)
- styling tools and tips
- sample timelines & client communication
- how i incorporate film into my workflow
- tackling portraits efficiently and effortlessly
- lighting, composition & posing guide
- reception formalities
- caring for yourself during a wedding day
- resource guide & much more

What is included?

When I was first starting my business back in 2012, I was so eager to learn. I wanted to shadow other wedding photographers to really understand what went into shooting a wedding. However, wedding days are incredibly fast-paced and not always a conducive environment to ask questions and take in all there is to absorb.

Come with me as I walk you through a full wedding day with me, from dawn to dusk.  In this guide, I break down every little detail and reveal years of secrets that you would only get with hands-on experience. This is a resource I would have definitely benefited from when I was beginning my career, but I am confident even seasoned photographers will find value in these digital pages.

From Dawn to Dusk

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