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01. pre session questionnaire

02. two hour question and answer session.  either in person or over video chat.

03. an introspective and educational packet

04. portfolio review

What is included?

This two-hour virtual mentor session is thoughtfully tailored to fit your specific needs.  Before our session, you will fill out a detailed questionnaire so I will get to know exactly the areas you are wanting to work on.  During our time together, we can discuss a variety of topics such as film photography, creating an efficient workflow, composition and lighting, publication, discovering your unique brand and so much more.  You will also receive an educational packet loaded with helpful information I have compiled over my years in business for you to keep.  Per your request, I will also take a look at your portfolio (Instagram, website, Pinterest) and provide my feedback.  It is my goal for you to leave feeling motivated, refreshed, and ready to approach the wedding industry in a whole new way.

Virtual Mentor Session

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