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Today I wanted to share our baby boy, Gatlin’s completed nursery.  This has been a work in progress for a while now and it’s so special to finally see my vision come to life!  Back in April, we were admitted to the hospital and were there until we delivered our son.  He was just shy of 30 weeks when he was born.  If you want to read more about that you can click here. But because of this unexpected turn my pregnancy took, we were completely unprepared as far as his nursery went.  I remember being stuck in our hospital room, so sad we didn’t have a nursery for him.  Online shopping for items for his nursery was definitely something that kept me busy during the days and days we were in the hospital.  Most of these items were purchased from my hospital bed!  I really did my best to have the majority of his room done while he was still in the NICU.  Once he came home, there were just a few things I was waiting on, but not much!

I have always loved the French Country style.  Our home is filled with pieces that fall under that umbrella.  I am really drawn to one of a kind vintage pieces that have lots of character, but yet are simple at the same time.  I love soft colors and muted tones and it was important for me to have timeless pieces that I could use for years to come.  The main colors in his nursery are white and cream with a touch of light blue.  I very much enjoy spending time in his nursery and we definitely get a lot of use out of it!  If you are an expecting mama that shares my same style, I hope these images bring you lots of inspiration.

Everything I purchased from Amazon, you can find here  (Please note: I am an Amazon affiliate.  All of these items I have purchased myself and use daily.  I wanted to put them all in one place so they would be organized and easy to find)  I hope you can enjoy some of them too!  You’ll find other items in my nursery list that aren’t pictured that I love as well.  I also have other “lists” like baby essentials, pregnancy/ postpartum, home etc. that you might find helpful if you are on a similar journey.

This French Provincial dresser is the highlight of the room in my opinion.  It was the one piece that took me the longest to decide on.  I really wanted something unique and all of the ones I was finding were lacking in that department.  I finally saw this one on Etsy from Juniper Hill Antiques and fell in love immediately.  Linda, the owner of the shop was extremely helpful in answering all of my questions and making sure it got to me safely since it was shipping across the country!  She has so many gorgeous items that she finds and restores so you are guaranteed to have a one of a kind piece!  This round rug I found on Amazon and think it compliments the room really well.  I wanted to bring a little life into the room with these olive branches.  I am definitely a sucker for olive trees and love how they look in the nursery.  This window draping is one of my favorite parts of the room.  A big thank you Sara who created this custom chiffon piece for Gatlin’s room!  You can find more of her pieces here.

How adorable is this little wooden rattle set?

Can you believe this crib is only $200?  I found it on Amazon and thought it would be perfect in the room.  I struggled to find a crib skirt that flowed nicely.  This was actually the second one I bought, oops!  The first one was stiff and not long enough.  This white crib skirt I found on Etsy, and absolutely love how it looks and feels in the nursery.

I had something super specific in mind when it came to a hamper I wanted in his room.  I wanted one that was divided into two sections so I could easily separate lights and darks.  With the amount of laundry you do with a newborn I knew it was something I didn’t want to settle on.  I found this hamper on Amazon which has machine washable lining!

Gatlin is our rainbow baby (a baby born subsequent to a miscarriage) so I wanted to find a special way to incorporate rainbows into his room without being too loud.  This baby mobile I found was just perfect! It came all the way from Germany!

Ok, let’s talk about this vintage frame.  I found this on Etsy as well, and unfortunately, it was a one-of-a-kind piece so I can’t directly link it for you, but if you search for vintage frames on Etsy you can find some great ones!  I loved the colors and texture of this one specifically and thought it would look great for when you first walk into the nursery.  This photo was taken with a self-timer and tripod while we were stuck in the hospital.  One of the only “maternity” photos we got to take before Gatlin was born, so it is super special to me.  Another reason why I wanted it to be in display in his room.  To see more from our hospital room maternity photoshoot, you can click here.

I loved the wash on these bookshelves!  And the wooden rainbow toy fit into that rainbow theme!  He will be able to play with it as well when he is a little older, which is fun!

I saw this idea somewhere to frame an ultrasound photo, and thought it was so sweet.  I found this oval gold frame from an Etsy boutique, which was just what I was looking for.  You can find that lace doily that is underneath it here!

Don’t you hate cheap-feeling stiff pillows??  I really do!  This pillow I picked up is super soft but still holds its shape which is great.  And the best part about it is it was only $6.99!  And the soft velvet cushion cover I got to go over it was the perfect hue of blue I wanted as an accent for the room.  It is the perfect size for elbow support when you are rocking your baby to sleep.  Speaking of rocking, this slipcovered glider from Pottery Barn Kids is so, so comfortable.  I use it daily and Gatlin loves it too!!  I made sure to get a chair with a linen slipcover so I can throw it in the wash when it gets dirty, which is bound to happen.

Can you believe these shabby chic hooks are from Amazon?  They were great for this knitted bonnet, wooden toy camera, and adorable romper!

Adding this special song to his room somehow was something I really wanted to do.  It is a song I clung on to while struggling with infertility, I sang to him while he was in the womb, in the NICU, and also now one of my go-to’s when rocking him to sleep.  I printed the sheet music on vellum paper and then framed it in this white frame.

Gatlin has two sisters, Mae and Adelaide.  They are always right there to protect him and watch over him, so I just had to add them to the nursery somehow.  I found these gold vintage frames on…can you guess it??… Etsy! Then cut out little oval prints to put in them!

How fun is this fox knit plush toy??

Even though I stuck with pretty neutral colors, I still wanted a little bit of blue sprinkled throughout the room.  One being with this velvet ribbon.  I also found this curtain rod from Home Depot!

This bat is very special because it belonged to Gatlin’s Grandpa.  This actually was on display on the wall when this room was our “guest room.”  When we transformed it into the nursery, we just left it because it fit in so well!!

Thank you for taking the time to read through this post!  If you are an expecting mama or daddy, a big congratulations to you!!  I can’t wait for you to meet your little one!

French Country Inspired Baby Boy Nursery

October 12, 2020