Amazon is honestly becoming my go-to place to shop these days.  I love how easy it is, and if you use it, I am sure you love it as well!  I wanted to put together a place to share all of my favorite things.  I am always asking friends for reccomendations or searching youtube for reviews before I buy things for myself, so I thought it would be helpful to put everything I love in one place.  I get a lot of questions on my Instagram asking for links for the specific products I am sharing, so now it is all organized and easy to browse through.  If you are a photographer and want to know all of the specific items I purchase or if you are simply curious about other things I have tried and absolutely would recommend, then take a look at the link below!



Let me know if there are items you swear by as well!  I love a good recommendation!  Thank you for stopping by.


My Amazon Favorites

March 7, 2020