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These two are a perfect pair!  I learned this when I spent time with them during their engagement session about a month ago.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Tiffany & Michael had to postpone her wedding until next year.  Although they have to wait another year to get married, I am so excited to be there to capture the celebration then.  It is going to be such a special day, well worth the wait…I just know it!  You can read more about their love story here.

To help other couples who may find themselves in a similar situation, Tiffany is sharing 5 helpful tips below. Thank you, Tiffany, for sharing these helpful pieces of advice! ⁣She is also a wedding photographer so she knows the industry well.  You can check out her work here!

  1. Set a new date ASAP. The unknown is always the worst part which is one of the reasons I feel like all of us are struggling so much during this time. So the sooner you can set your new wedding date, the better. That way you know what to plan for & have a new wedding date to look forward to. It will help you accept these unfortunate circumstances by allowing you to move forward rather than feeling stuck in unknown limbo.
  2. Hire an amazing wedding coordinator if you didn’t already. Our wedding was entirely transferred to a new date with all the same vendors in a matter of 2 days.
  3. Invites – because we all know that we spent plenty of money on our original invites, consider advising your guests via text, email, evite, etc & just get one invitation reprinted with the correct date for your photos.
  4. Do something meaningful on your “would have been wedding day”. We’re all feeling very isolated right now, so it’s important to still feel loved & surrounded.  Even though it wasn’t your actual wedding day, it can still be a meaningful milestone & a day to remember.
  5. Feel all the feels as they come.  Once we had rescheduled our wedding I didn’t feel very emotional.  I had accepted the situation & thought I had moved on.  Flash forward to our “would have been” wedding weekend & there were WAY more tears than I expected.  So give yourself grace.  There’s a lot going on in the world right now & emotions are to be expected … now add to that the fact that your wedding has been postponed & cue the tears.  Grieve the loss, feel the disappointment & when you’re ready, embrace the anticipation of your new wedding date.


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Tiffany & Michael | Santa Clarita Engagement

April 14, 2020