I have been meaning to make this blog post for a while now because I feel like it will be helpful for a lot of photographers out there!  Since I began my business back in 2012, I have struggled to find a digital preset that I really love the look of.  This really became a bigger struggle when I started shooting film in 2015.  I was loving the look of film but wasn’t shooting nearly as much of it as I do now.  I was happy to finally be able to provide my clients with images that had the look I was ultimately striving for in my work which was film itself.  However, I was left feeling frustrated because now I had the problem of matching my digital images to my gorgeous film images.  I would spend hours and hours editing and still didn’t feel like I was achieving the look I wanted for my digital images.  Now, for my portrait sessions I usually shoot 100% film and for weddings, I shoot on average 30 rolls of medium format film.  This makes post-processing a lot easier.  I can deliver images to my clients a lot faster because my scans are basically done when I get them back from the lab.  I use Goodman Film Lab, shout out to them – they are amazing and if you are searching for a lab to use I would highly recommend them!

I have admired Troy and Aimee Grover of The Grovers since I began my photography business.  Their images are so clean and timeless.  A few months ago they reached out to me and asked me if I would be a beta tester for these new film presets that they had created.  I immediately fell in love.  I remember right after they sent them to me, I tested them on a few images and was just so happy and relieved because I knew they would be a game-changer in my editing process.  I have tried many presets over the years and Noble Presets were by far the best!  I began promoting them before they even launched!  I did this just because I simply wanted other photographers to hear about them and have the same awesome experience that I did.  No one asked me to do this, I was just so excited to finally have found film like digital presets that I barely had to tweak after applying!

Fast forward a few months after launch – I was approached again asking if I wanted to be part of their affiliate program.  This was a no-brainer to me because I had already been promoting these presets on my own!! If after reading this blog post, you decide you want to purchase the presets, it would mean so much to me if you use this link: http://www.noblepresets.com?aff=6 Full disclosure: I do get paid if you purchase using my link.  But, I wouldn’t recommend something if I wasn’t 100% behind it.  These presets are simply a game changer in the photography world!  I will put some images below and explain how I used the preset with some before and after images as well to help showcase how great they are! Also, stay tuned for the end of the blog post with more tips on how I can help!!

I counted after I applied the preset (on the last image) and I made 4 minor adjustments and that was it!!! 5 clicks total you guys – took me less than 10 seconds!

There is the Noble Signature and it comes with enhancers.  These are smaller adjustments that you use after the Noble Signature to help you achieve the perfect look.  The image above on the right was just the Noble Signature with a few other adjustments.

I know it can be hard to invest in something you haven’t been able to test out before – I completely understand!  If you would like to see what the Noble preset looks like on your image, feel free to send me an email mallory[at]mallorydawn.com.  In the email be sure to mention you saw this blog post and attach one or two RAW images.  I will then reply with your images after the preset was applied.  This way you can see how the preset looks on your images before you purchase.  Please keep in mind the final look of the images really depends a lot on how you are shooting.  Some general tips:

1. Shoot in clean light when you can (find shade or pretty backlight)

2. I usually shoot around 1.6 or 1.8 aperture

3.  Try to keep your work as consistent as possible

4.  Try not to overexpose or underexpose images while shooting

I hope this blog post was helpful for my photographer friends out there!  Again, if you want to purchase these presets, please use the link below to buy them!  Thank you all so much! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all!


Noble Presets | Film Inspired Presets

June 11, 2018